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What can you as a business partner expect?

Unordinary high rentability combined with an unbeatable price/qualitiy relation are standard to all our herobrands. We offer a wide range of products for an urban target group of 15 to 30 year old mainly male customers: Caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, sweatsuits, denims, accessoires and more. Widely ranged collections, NOS-items, as well as monthly specials offer permanent actuality and allow your customer to adopt trends right in time.


What we offer as well:

new items weekly for each brand

daily shipping (DHL / UPS-Express)

CSV feed connection for over 5000 items and realtime updates

shop in shop system for top actuality and negotiable return possibilities

contribution of promotion costs (banners, furniture e.t.c.)


Become a business partner. As easy as this:

Register to our homepage and follow the necessary steps.

You have any questions or trouble registering? Just contact us at: hello@roadmap1.com

We will respond within 2 workingdays.

As soon as your account has been enabled you have full access to prices and stock.

Click, order, done.

We will provide you with everything you need - fashion clothing to urban streetwear.

Get connected and discover the large sortiment of our great herobrands! 


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